Fountain of Youth?

Ginger Stanley performs a grand jete during her solo underwater ballet at Silver Springs, Florida. (Photo by Bruce Mozert/Three Lions/Getty Images). Circa 1956

Coming off of our sunshine benders in the Deep South, let’s talk about repair. The sun, and many other factors, can really zap the life out of our skin causing fine lines and wrinkles. So, how do we replenish the skin? Hyaluronic Acid, that’s how!

Let’s get technical for a sec. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is naturally occurring in our bodies and functions as a cushion and lubricant for our joints, tissues, eyes and skin. About 50% of the body’s HA is found in the skin alone! This is important because HA aids the skin in maintaining the ability to hold water, which, in turn, keeps the skin looking healthy and supple. Unfortunately, as we age this production decreases over time causing skin to become dryer and lose its elasticity. Hydrated skin is happy, healthy skin. Lucky for us, some super smart scientist (SSS3) figured out how to duplicate this magical ingredient for everyone to enjoy. Side note: HA is a very popular filler and injectable ingredient 😉

There are so many products on the market these days containing HA, and I encourage you to check it out for yourself. One try and I promise you’ll be hooked.

At BodyBrite, we offer an Oxygen Facial that employs a serum with a very high content of Hyaluronic Acid. We also carry many skin care products AND foundation jam-packed with HA. Come see us for a little show and tell, and we can ooh and aah over its greatness together.