Hair Removal - FAQ

What is IPL hair removal?

IPL is Intense Pulsed Light, an innovative, reliable and safe method of removing unwanted hair for both men and women. It is the most effective, least painful method available among hair-removal techniques. When compared to laser treatments, IPL is gentler on the skin and more versatile in treating a broad range of skin tones and hair colors.

How does it work?

IPL treatment delivers rapid pulses of high intensity light to the area that is being treated. The light energy is converted to heat, which destroys the hair follicle from the base, inhibiting future growth.

When will I see results?

You see results as soon as your first treatment. As the treatment progresses, the hair will become increasingly thinner and patchy. On average you will require nine sessions 4 to 5 weeks apart to achieve maximum lasting results.

What is the cost?

$69 per zone per session. Packages are available for as low as $49 per session. Most popular zones for women are underarms, bikini/Brazilian, face, and legs. Most popular zones for men are back, shoulders, nape, chest and abdomen.

How do I get started?

First, you are scheduled for a free consultation where we will go over medications and medical history. After being deemed a candidate we will perform a test patch in the area that you wish to have hair removed. If there is no reaction within 48 hours you may receive your full treatment.