Over the Counter vs Professional Products

As an esthetician I am often asked, “Are professional products (Cosmoceuticals) really better than drug store or department store brands?” In short the answer is YES!

OTC products do not have the same amount of active ingredients as Cosmoceuticals do, they are not ALLOWED to. Cosmoceuticals have pharmaceutical grade ingredients and can only be purchased from a dermatologist or licensed esthetician. Therefore have higher amounts of active ingredients to make REAL change to your skin. Most OTC products are only able to “sit” on the outer layer of your skin. Cosmoceuticals can penetrate down to the deeper layer. This deeper layer, the dermis, is where your collagen, elastin, and new skin cells reside. This layer is what we want to target with our skin care.

One of the biggest reasons consumers do not even consider Cosmoceuticals is because they think they are too expensive in comparison to OTC products. NOT true. Since OTC products are less concentrated you are using more and replacing it sooner. They are less affective so it takes much longer to reach desired results (if you ever do) which means more money spent. When you invest in Cosmoceuticals you use less and they are more effective, less money and time, it’s a WIN WIN.

Remember, your skin is one of the best investments you can make. It is well worth the cost to take care of it!