Body Sculpt Barre Studio is dedicated to creating a culture of quality, fun-loving fitness for all! We pride ourselves on knowing that fitness is not just a number on the scale, but that a fit body is a body that is strong and happy. Body Sculpt provides total body conditioning classes, merged with a positive and fun atmosphere, promoting a love for fitness and supporting a high-energy environment, to sculpt lean, strong, happy bodies. Offering the newest exercise programs, our classes are sure to wake up muscles in your body you never knew you had! Come join our fitness family and try out a class today!

At Cosmetic Dentistry of Baton Rouge, we deliver gentle, personalized dental care that improves oral health and creates beautiful smiles, while always focusing on you and your comfort. Dr. Mark A. Ventress and our team members are passionate about dentistry; we emphasize preventive care that stops small issues before they become large problems, and find treatment solutions that are right for each patient.

Hopkins Digital Marketing

Hopkins Digital Marketing, provides digital marketing services in the Baton Rouge area.

I took my first art class in 2000 and have been creating ever since. I graduated from Spring Hill College with a degree in studio art and English and then pursued a master’s degree in English from Louisiana State University. My two greatest loves, writing and painting, like competitive siblings, have always vied for prominence in my life.