Skin care can be so overwhelming. All of the different products and treatments and devices. You might find yourself with a drawer or cabinet full of stuff you never use. So, let's bring it down to the basics. What do you really need to ensure healthy, youthful skin? It's really quite simple. Hydration. Exfoliation. Protection. Sure, you can make it more complicated than that if you're a skin care junkie like me, but inevitably it all falls into one of these categories in no particular order:

I've saved the best/most important for last. SUNSCREEN. Say it loud, say it proud. If you get nothing else from this collection of words, please, please, please wear sunscreen. Every day. Without fail. Re-apply when necessary. Slather that goodness on, and I promise you'll thank me in the future. "But Ashley, I'm inside all day and the only sun exposure I get is from my commute to and from work." My answer: Put on sunscreen! In fact, you should also apply it to your neck, decolletage, and any part of your arm and hand that hangs out of your clothes. "More than 90 percent of the visible changes commonly attributed to skin aging are caused by the sun." (Gilchrest BA. Skin and aging process. CRC Press. 1984; 124.) Gasp! I found this, among other facts ( skin-cancer-information/skin- cancer-facts) quite alarming. So, let's do our best to not become one of these statistics.
Pro tip: I like to say that Vitamin C serum and sunscreen are BFFs. Vitamin C are full of antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage and have been known to boost the efficacy of sunscreen. So, if you're feeling frisky, try adding this serum to your routine.

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