Skincare in Your 20's, 30's, & 40's

In Your 20's....

Skincare in your 20’s is super important. It sets the precedents for your skin care routine for years to come. In your 20’s you are very busy with college or starting your career but do not let your skin suffer because it. You are usually fighting lingering break outs from your teenage years. The goal at this age is to preserve and protect. I have some tips and some product recommendations to keep your skin looking amazing.

Cleanse. Morning and night. Do not sleep in your make up! When you sleep in your makeup, it clogs up your pores and all your make up and pollutants from outside just sit on your face all night. YUCK! Just a quick wash of your face before bed can save your skin from tons of breakouts and will make it look beautiful! You should choose a gel or foam cleanser.These types of cleansers will gently remove make up and excess oils. I love Simply Clean by Skinceuticals.

SPF. Do not leave the house without it. Sun damage doesn’t show up until several years later. So protect now and you will be grateful later. Apply to face, neck and chest. These are the areas that are exposed to the sun therefore is prone to the most sun damage. You should choose a product that is broad spectrum and contains zinc oxide or titanium oxide. These are physical sunscreens and will block the sun immediately after applying. Skinceuticals Physical Fusion tinted SPF 50 is an excellent choice.

Treatment serum. If you are having lingering break outs, you can use a salicylic acid serum. This can be use everyday or as needed. Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Defense is a great serum for treating and preventing breakouts.

Moisturize. All skin types need some type of moisturizer. A light oil free product will probably be a good choice for you. Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel is a multi tasking serum that moisturizes, had antibacterial properties and calms redness.

30’s and 40’s

Skin care in your 30’s and 40’s will be more focused on treating hyperpigmentation cause by sun damage and fine lines. Your skin might start to look dull due to slower cell turn over so exfoliation will be important.

Cleanser. An exfoliating cleanser will remove make up and excess oil while helping to increase cell turn over. This will create more luminous skin. Skinceuticals Clarifying Cleanser is a great choice.

SPF. Same as in your 20’s. Don’t leave the house without it!

Daytime. For ultimate anti-aging skin care regimen adding an antioxidant serum is a must. Antioxidant serums work together with your sun block to guard again sun damage and can also undo damage that has already been done. Apply immediately after cleansing, before moisturizer and sunscreen. Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and Phoretin CF are Vitamin C antioxidant combinations that will not disappoint.

Nighttime. Time to introduce retinol. This is the gold standard in anti-aging. Retinols can help with evening out tone and texture of your skin as well as treating fine line and wrinkles. Retinols can be irritating at first. You’ll want to start off slow and increase up to applying every night. Only use at night because sunlight deactivates retinol. Follow with a night cream. I recommend Skinceuticals Retinol 0.5 and DermaOxy Night Cream.