Small Business Saturday - and a Great Big Thank You

In honor of small business Saturday, the owners of BodyBrite Baton Rouge would like to sincerely thank all of our customers, employees, and our community for your support. Since opening BodyBrite in 2013, shopping locally has become very personal to us. We have been able to experience both the tremendous challenges and the incredible rewards that come with a small business. The result of these last 2 ½ years have been an abundance of all sorts of things –more friends, more gratitude, more business partnerships, more life experience, and more gray hairs (thank goodness that is fixable!).

As owners, we are two working moms who joined together on this venture. A second job for both us, we are grateful for our supportive families who do not complain, though they sacrifice too. We never could have foreseen the sheer will, amount of time, and let’s face it – blood, sweat, and tears - it takes to try to get a business off the ground. BUT we also underestimated how rewarding it would be as we keep pushing forward. To our supportive husbands, children, parents, and friends – we thank you.

We could not make it day to day without our incredible staff. We are blessed with employees who are kind, honest, knowledgeable, ambitious, and loyal. Not to mention a ton of fun, adorable, and simply awesome at their jobs. Above all else they do everything in their power to make the BodyBrite experience a positive one for our customers. The positive feedback we consistently get gives us so much pride. I would like to specifically thank Tanya and Ashley for all you do. For making BodyBrite personal to you too. For always going above and beyond what is asked of you. You hold us together through all the chaos, the personal struggles, the time constraints, and all the ups and downs. We cannot do enough to thank you – but taking this week’s blog post is one small attempt at one!

Speaking for myself, through this experience, I have made it a point to shop locally as much as I can. I now see how much it helps my community, and I love the feeling it gives me to feel like I am supporting my friends and neighbors; that I am helping to support their families. And we all know this… when you do, you usually come away with a better experience. An experience where you can tell it’s personal for them too. They want to make you happy. They want you to be satisfied with your service.

So, we encourage you to shop locally Baton Rouge. Not just with us, but with your entire community. Support your community. Get out there and meet your neighbors. Like they say – you get what you give. I have repeatedly found this to be true throughout my life.

Again, THANK YOU for your support. And come see us! Our goal is to make you look and feel your best. All we ask is for a chance to show you what we have to offer.

We love our employees and family time is important.  So we are closed the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  BUT...

Our Christmas Open House is next Saturday (December 5th) from 10-4pm.  We will have a makeup artist on hand, fabulous new retail products, Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, and discounts all day long.  We hope to see you then!


Stephanie & Anne